Pisarro Nights Beaded Overlay Silk Chiffon Dress

This beautiful and elegant Pisarro Nights Beaded Overlay Silk Chiffon Dress in slate color has all the elements of an absolute stunner and that is what this brand is all about. This 4 star rated dress comes in the color of slate and is tailor-made to be worn on many different special occasions. So whether it’s a wedding, a formal dinner party, or ballroom dancing, this wonderful dress can be an easy choice for all.

There are gorgeously patterned beads that create a gleaming texture on the overlay of this beautiful silk chiffon shift dress. It is form-fitting and very flattering as well. In fact, I have a friend of mine that just bought this same exact dress not too long ago. Once I found out that she bought it, I made plans to go over to her house so that I can see her in it up close. I used the word stunning to describe this dress and when I saw my friend in it, the word stunning was an understatement.

She indicated that originally bought the dress for a wedding. She told me that she overwhelmed with compliments and everyone wanted to know who made the dress.

Now looking at the dress up close, I noticed that the beadwork is unique and very well done. This form-fitting design really looks good on her who works out like crazy and has a washboard tummy.

However, because it’s form-fitting if you don’t have somewhat of a flat stomach, then whatever you have will probably be enhanced and bring on more attention than you may want to that particular part of your body.

This is also one of the reoccurring themes of the reviews that I kept seeing from time to time. Other than that, based on seeing my friend in it and researching a number of reviews, this is one great beaded silk chiffon dress that is sure to please. See more below:

  • The dress has a back zip closure
  • The approximate length from shoulder to the hem is about 35”
  • It is fully lined
  • The materials used are silk
  • Spot cleaning this dress is highly recommended
  • This dress runs large and it is recommended that you order one size down

The retail price for this Pisarro Nights beaded overlay silk chiffon dress is about $148 and is well within the range of the average woman looking for something that is beautiful and made with great quality for a special occasion.