Pisarro Nights Beaded Mesh Dress

By far one of the most popular dresses on the market today is the Pisarro Nights beaded mesh dress. This gown that comes in champagne, black, gunmetal, chocolate and slate is a very beautiful evening dress that is versatile enough to be worn to a number of special occasions. Women who have bought it have worn it to weddings, formal business events, dinner parties and more. According to reviews, people describe this gown as elegant, gorgeous and simply stunning. The material has a bit of a stretch to it and the dress falls beautifully over your body providing a very slimming look. The cut and finish of this wildly feminine dress, which harkens back the 1920’s, is nothing short of superb.

There is a beaded and sequin pattern that sparkles atop this mesh overlaid dress. It is fitted through a v-neck bodice releasing to a very softly swirling skirt. There is no need to worry about it running too small or too large because it fits true to size. So the only thing you have to do is look for your natural size.
It is also very comfortable and will allow you to feel at ease whether you are sitting, walking or dancing. Another great aspect is that with this style, you never have to worry about it going out of style. It is an overall classic.

See more details below.

  • There is hidden side zip closure
  • The length from the shoulder to the hem is approximately 52” on the regular fit and 49 ½ “ on the petite fit
  • It is fully lined
  • The material is Rayon
  • Spot cleaning is recommended maintenance
  • Focus: special occasions

The price range that you can expect to pay for this flattering dress is just under $200 and the best place to check prices is online. If you have a special occasion to go to and you want something that not only looks great but will never go out of style, is classy and comfortable, then make sure you check out the Pisarro Nights beaded mesh dress today.

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