Pisarro Nights Boat Illusion Beaded Bodice Chiffon A-Line Gown: Glamorous!

The Pisarro Nights Boat Illusion Beaded Bodice Chiffon A-Line Gown is a long-sleeve gown that features an elegant boat neckline with illusion lace and a beaded bodice. This dress also has a flattering, A-line cut with chiffon fabric, creating the perfect silhouette for your next soiree! The skirt of this dress falls below the knee.

I was so excited when I saw this dress. It is a Pisarro Nights Boat Illusion Beaded Bodice Chiffon A-Line Gown and it looks absolutely gorgeous. You can see the details in these photos, but what you cannot get from them are how beautiful they really make me look on my big day.

Trust me, if you could feel the compliments coming at you from all directions as soon as people noticed your outfit then you would know just how stunning it can be to pick out great accessories for an event such as this one (and not too many of those types either!).

The beadwork on the bodice is immaculate with intricate detailing that makes every piece stand out while still maintaining balance with each other in the dress. The way the hemline flows out at a flattering angle is very attractive and can be adjusted to suit any body shape, making it perfect for all types of individuals who are looking for something elegant yet comfortable on their big day.

The chiffon material over the bodice adds just enough volume that you will never feel like your outfit is too tight or constrictive – after all, we want this memory to last us forever! It also helps create more layers while still feeling light and airy when you walk around so that nobody will know how hot it really was trying to get ready.


  • Boat illusion neckline
  • 3/4 sleeves
  • Beaded bodice
  • Chiffon Skirt
  • Ankle length
  • Zip back closure
  • Approx. 55″ length
  • Rayon
  • Spot clean

What People Are Saying:

“I’m so glad I found this dress because it was perfect!”

-Catherine H. (San Francisco)

“This is the first time since my wedding that I felt really beautiful.”

-Molly C. (Seattle)