Pisarro Nights Minimalist Beaded Blouson Gown

The Pisarro Nights Blouson Gown is a beautiful gown. The beads on the dress are well made and look expensive, but there’s no extra froufrou or over-the-top embellishments that might make this inappropriate for formal events like weddings.

It hangs really nicely without being too clingy to your body, so it would be appropriate in any situation from casual dinner parties to fancy galas. I’m usually an XS/small size, but the ONE SIZE FITS ALL style of this gown makes it easy to accommodate my curves while still looking sleek enough for a business meeting or social event with friends.

This will quickly become one of my favorite dresses because it works very well as both a formal gown and a regular formal dress, depending on the event.

The one downside of this design is that it’s not really appropriate for anyone with smaller breasts because there are no cups to hold them in place.

I’ve worn the blouson Gown out already three times without any ill effects from wearing an underwire bra (I actually find it more comfortable), but women who have less than D-cup size will need some sort of support if they want to wear this as a dress instead of just over leggings or bare legs like I did.

This gown can be worn at any event, formal or casual. I love that I can wear this to a business meeting and then also out with friends without having to change into something different.

One of the best things about it is that you can adjust the straps so they’re either short and barely there (perfect for an evening gown) or long enough to cover your chest if you want them more modestly positioned at times when you don’t need tons of cleavage showing off.

Dress Details

  • 56″ length
  • Hidden back-zip closure
  • V-neck
  • Three-quarter sleeves
  • Lined, except sleeves
  • 100% rayon
  • Spot clean
  • Special Occasion

What People Are Saying:

“Love this gown! Love the material, love that it can be worn as a dress or coverup for more formal occasions. It’s really lightweight and perfect for summer!” – E.W., ME

“I’ve received so many compliments on my Pia Rossa Gown during our engagement photos session. The color is beautiful in person and I loved how lightweight but still elegant it was.” –Yuan L., CA

“This might not work with everyone but if you have shorter arms like me you might want to size up because of the three-quarter sleeve length.”

-Kate H., VA


The Pisarro Nights Minimalist Beaded Blouson Gown is perfect for any event and can be worn as a formal gown or more casually. I love that you can adjust the straps to wear it just how you like, whether with short straps in an evening dress or long enough to cover your chest during less revealing times.